Wild Horse Scientists book

Wild Horse Scientists is a great resource for people who want to learn as much as possible about the wild horses living on Assateague Island.  It is especially recommended for any Assateague wild horse foster parent!  This book is a great gift!


Assateague island researchers are the focus of this book by Kay Frydenborg.  This book is designed for ages 10 and older.  It is fortified with great photos (including many of Assateague foster horses) and the content is appropriate information for adults too! 


Within the pages of the book many Assateague foster horses are shown within the photographs.  See the "related products" on the left for the horses shown in photos of the book.  (Book photos are not necessarily labeled with horse names.)


Wild Horse Scientists is a great read for people who are curious about the Assateague wild horses!

Wild Horse Scientists book
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